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Gay Men In Suits

Men Look Really Sexy In and OUT of Their Business Suits

Dato Foland and Goran are interviewing for the same office job but the moment they’re left alone in the waiting room they can’t help but notice how hot looking they both are. As their mutual admiration becomes acknowledged things quickly heat up between them. The suits come off and Dato rims and fucks Goran right there in the waiting room! If I was the boss, I’d hire both of them!


Banker Thomas in a Suit

Thomas is a hot looking banker who certainly cuts a fine figure in a suit. We enjoyed seeing him in it as much as we did while he was taking it off! We hope you find Thomas in a suit as sexy as we do. Even with all his enthusiasm, he was a bit nervous about jacking off at first, but warmed up quickly to the camera. Building up to his solo cum scene you can see the Roosevelt Island Tram passing overhead, and we wonder if the people riding it, got more than just a view of the Manhattan Skyline. Watch the Video Now at NewYorkStraightMen

This update for NewYorkStraightMen is very unique. We found a History Professor who has his very own real life manservant!

When we contacted The Professor he agreed to go before our cameras only if he could bring his own cocksucker/manservant. The Professor is a married man who actually lives the Victorian/Edwardian lifestyle that he teaches about in his history class. We learned that it was supposedly a dirty little secret that the servants often performed sexual duties as well as household ones. His manservant lives in the household with The Professor and his wife and he explains that the manservant doesn’t serve the wife, but he does do the cooking and cleaning, as well as being The Professor’s personal butler (in many ways).

The Professor and His Manservant

We had never seen anything like this before. It was not some BDSM fantasy roleplay, in fact there was no fetish involved. This was they way they lived their life. The dynamic between The Professor and his manservant was amazing to see. Everything was completely natural. The manservant knew exactly how to please his Master. The professor knew exactly how he wanted his manservant to please him. In front of our cameras it was a blowjob, this time around.



The Professor had his servant well trained and was proud on how well he took orders with a bunch of strangers watching. The Professor’s manservant was only focused on his master and delivered a blowjob that The Professor had come to expect, slow, deep, wet and sloppy! He was really enjoying this service session, he would tell his servant how good it felt and what a good job he was doing. Finally the professor’s cock exploded and drenched the manservant in his hot sticky sperm! Download “The Professor and His Manservant” Now!

Tyler Saint in Unsuitable

HotOlderMale - Tyler Saint

Muscle daddy, Tyler Saint is quite sexy in a suit and tie. With his beautiful baby blues, rippling muscles and rock hard ass, Tyler is just begging for a good hard fuck. And lucky for him Zak Spears was there for the job. Check out these sexy photo’s of Tyler taken just before he got fucked by Zak in our DVD “Unsuitable”.

SITE: The Gay Office
FEATURING: Lucio Saints , Francesco D’Macho


Francesco D’Macho is very happy with Lucio Saint’s tailoring, and loves how he looks in the mirrors, but when Lucio hands him the bill, the cost of the suit sends him over the edge. He starts berating Lucio about the amount of the bill. Lucio isn’t used to his customers nickel and diming him and when Francesco refuses to pay, he gets angry enough to cut up the work he did leaving Francesco half naked and ready to be Fucked!

What do you have when you’ve got two very horny straight guys in your waiting room and a very late cocksucker who is stuck in the subway? You have two hot and horny studs taking matters into their own hands! (and mouths).

Josh and Frankie were each scheduled to get sucked off (separately) but our sucker was stuck in the subway. When he called from the platform saying he didn’t know when he would get here, these two New Yorkers decided they wouldn’t wait.

They’d each gotten some time away from home and didn’t want to waste the opportunity, so they took full advantage… of each other! Josh stripped away Frankie’s gray suit, kissing and nibbling along the way. We let these two stud just do their own thing with no direction from us whatsoever.

This movie has all the right stuff, kissing, cocksucking, rimming and of course cumming…..LOADS OF CUM! It’s a must see movie where a Jock and Suit meet up unexpectedly, in front of our cameras at NewYorkStraightMen.

We love our blue collar guys, our plumbers, bouncers, our cops & fireman, our truckers & mechanics and we will continue on our mission to bring those HOT guys to you. However, every once in a while we run across a rare breed, he has all the money he can use, has a 2 martini power lunch, gets center court seats at the Nick’s game, has a house in the Hamptons during the summer and on weekends drives his Porsche to his weekend getaway in the country. He is what we call a “Wall Street Warrior”.

These guys are part of an elite group of men here in New York. They have intense, high power jobs, trading millions of dollars worth of stock each day. These are the guys that have the power to make or break you. These are thrill seekers. They are overflowing with testosterone and they want the ultimate thrill. These guys want to be filmed, not because of the money, to them its pocket change. These guys have an ego, not like your average guy, these guys have a HUGE ego and they get off knowing that others will lust for them.

We find these guys incredibly sexy and every now and then, when we can find them we will offer them to you. Meet Matt! He is the first of this series. We met and did a first shoot with him over the summer. Matt is a married guy who travels all over the world with his Trophy Wife. They have a kinky secret, they are both into domination & submission and they are also ‘swingers”. Matt says that he needs all that to balance out his demanding work schedule.

This kinky guy jumped at the idea to show off on film. Matt slowly, very slowly strips off his suit while playing with himself. He really got off on the fact that he was the center of attention. He jerks his cock and played with his freshly waxed balls and shoots his wad, and we ain’t talking about cash! Watch the full video now at NewYorkStraightMen

Two suited young gorgeous guys are chatting shyly and checking each other out in the reception room, but their shyness soon disappears when the two like minded, and horny, twinks become entangled in a sexual liaison of butthole rimming, deep throated blow jobs and smooth back door loving – all of which is totally bareback.

Hot Euro twinks having raw and raunchy bareback sex!

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The Bijou Theater Collection is comprised of some of the most intense and rough gay S&M, grindhouse, fetish and Gay Americana films ever shot. So intense are these classic vintage gay porn videos that the producer of these videos has become a legend in the gay adult film industry!

These full feature length films are presented in brilliant technicolor and shot as early as the 1970′s — a manlier, grittier time when twinks were bears and bears were just plain scary! These films span an historic 3 decades of sheer erotic decadence from 1970-2000!

Classic American hardcore gay action takes place in this thrilling video, “American Cream”, that involves some serious gay vintage BDSM. Scenes run the gamut of a guy in a suit masturbating while at the office, gay pissing, three cowboys outdoors on a very cold winter’s day, to foot fucking and sucking. These screen grabs don’t do the film justice, so …Click here to see clips from “American Cream”.